Are you following your goals?

Assess your spending habits

Review your statements from your Pinellas County Divorce attorney hired, in the last few months to see where your money’s going and what might be dragging you down.  Expenses like taxis and splurges like lattes, happy hours and lunches may seem small at the time, but they add up.  Look for patterns and see where you can cut back.

Keep it simple 

A budget, when trying to find money to retain a Family Law Lawyer, can be overwhelming if it’s too detailed or idealistic.  Be realistic about your lifestyle and habits, and only get as detailed as you want.  If tracking your daily expenses is too burdensome, track them weekly or monthly instead.  People make it more complicated than it needs to be.  You don’t need spreadsheets or special technology.  You can simply put  money in your bank account and have a portion automatically transferred into savings.  Whatever is left over is what you can spend.

Plan for the unexpected

Budgeting for emergencies like hospital visits and car repairs will provide a buffer without blowing your budget.  It’s smart to plan ahead for predictable annual expenses, like taxes.  Peach sets aside money each month for new tires for his car which he knows he’ll need at some point. This way, we don’t have to borrow money to pay for them, he says.