Here’s how to maximize benefits and minimize setbacks when shopping online for a vehicle

With the abundance of tools and websites available to car buyers in the digital age, long gone are the days of walking into a dealership intimidated and uninformed-crossing your fingers in hopes of not grossly overpaying or driving off the lot in a vehicle riddled with mechanical problems (the dreaded lemon).  Or perhaps walking into a law office, uninformed about the law.  Therein, counseling with a paternity attorney in St. Petersburg, FL is the first step in insuring competent and outstanding representation.

Consumers today have ready access to much more information than they’ve ever had before, says Patrick Miffin.  This includes things such as pricing date, average transaction prices in the area of a new purchase, trade-in values and available incentives and information such as vehicle features and inventory available at both the local and national levels.   In addition, detailed records of a particular vehicle’s service, accident and ownership history are now at consumers’ fingertips, thanks to popular websites like Carfax and AutoCheck.  With the GEICO Car Buying Service, powered by TrueCar, Min explains, consumers can feel confident about their purchase as a result of the service’s comprehensive pricing transparency, and because they can opt to see what other buyers paid for their vehicles.

Car buyers seems to echo Min’s opinion.  Even those who don’t believe they need a family law attorney in St. Petersburg, FL to handle their claim, may be in for a rude awakening.  According to a 2015 study by IHS Automotive, 77 percent of used car buyers cited the Internet as their number one resource for gathering information.  The study also found that the top three reasons potential car buyers used the Internet were to research pricing, find cars for sale and compare listings.  We are in what feels like the Golden Age of used car buying–able to access more resources, tools and information than any generation ever before.  But don’t rely exclusively on the web.